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Will it effect my current monthly charges/ bills/payments to cable operator.

You have to pay Rs. 82 plus taxes for a minimum of 30 Free To Air (FTA) channels, even without a STB now (in CAS areas). For Pay channels you can pick and choose channels of your choice a single channel or on bouquet package basis (Maximum Rs. 5.35 per channel). As per new regulations this will be effective in CAS areas from January 1, 2007, when the pay channels cannot be viewed without a STB.

What is the Make of STB?

Set Top Boxes available are from internationally renowned STB manufacturers and conforming to BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards).

Where to book STB? (Directly or thru Cable Operator)?

One can book the STB through their Local Cable Operator Only.

Who will service my STB (company/operator)?

Servicing will be done by the company thru the local operator. Generally it takes less than a week’s time to replace the STB. However you will get a replacement within 48 hours during warranty period. You can always call the Customer care number for any further help.

My remote is not functioning. Who will repair it?

Remote will be replaced at very nominal charges.

How many boxes will I have to buy if I have more than 1 TV set?

To access pay channels with your choice, you will have to take one STB for each TV set.

How will I get the connection of Digicable and what are the charges?

You can call the number provided in our contact details for your respective area and get the required information.

How many channels I will get?

We are providing between 86 to 106 channels.

How can I tune in channels if they get misplaced?

You can manually tune the channels or simply put TV in Auto Tuning mode.

If I have TV in living room can I get additional connection in bed room

Yes we can provide as many connections as you want in your apartment.

Will my transmission get affected in rainy season?

No our signals are not affected in rainy season.

If I have any complaint how it will get resolved?

You just have to call the local number given to you at the time of installation.

How much your engineer will charge in case of complaint?

No. We do not charge for attending complaints.